Veterinary Technicians

Austin TX Veterinary TechniciansDesireé Rodriguez - Supervising Veterinary Technician, Inventory Manager

Desireé Rodriguez joined the Anderson Mill Animal Clinic team in March 2011. She is a veterinary technician, and also supervises our veterinary technician team and is our Inventory Manager. Desireé attended Blinn College in Brenham, TX and has been working with animals since 2007.

"I like working at this clinic because it is really close to home," she says. "While working here I've also made great friends, and everyone is so friendly and wonderful to work with."

At home she has two ChiChis named Muggs and Tinkerbell. Desireé's interests include spending her free time with friends, her pets and her husband.

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Austin TX Veterinary TechniciansKayly Adams - Veterinary Technician

Kayly has been with our team as a veterinary technician since February of 2015. Her responsibilities including assisting our vets, administering vaccines and medications, maintaining client and patient relationships, and running diagnostics. Besides meeting all the new patients, she enjoys the new kitten and puppy exams, making the cats comfortable, and educating clients.

“We’re like a little family here,” she says. “Everyone gets along very well and we’re always willing to help each other out.”

When she’s not with us, she’s spending time with her wonderful pets. Emma, a great pyrenees, and Frankie, a pitbull mix, are both 3-years-old. Her little calico cat, Klementine, is 2-years-old. In her free time, Kayly enjoys cooking crock-pot recipes, swimming, hiking, and anything outdoors related.

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Austin TX Veterinary TechniciansJasmine Buckner - Veterinary Technician

Jasmine is a full time Veterinary Assistant at Anderson Mill Animal Clinic. Her enthusiasm and love for animals provides our patients with high quality care. Jasmine has a Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology and two years of experience in other animal hospitals before joining our clinic. She loves working with a dedicated and passionate staff.

Jasmine has two dogs, two cats, and four aquariums of her own. She is a fish hobbyist and breeds freshwater exotic fish such as seahorses and puffer fish. In her free time, she enjoys hiking the outdoors.

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Austin TX Veterinary TechniciansKinsey T. Dies - Veterinary Technician

Veterinary technician Kinsey T. Dies joined our team in December of 2014. Since her involvement, Kinsey has been responsible for assisting with surgeries and dental procedures, tending to hospitalized patients, collecting samples, running lab work, taking x-rays and filling medications. What Kinsey enjoys best about her position at Anderson Mill is partaking in new puppy and kitten examinations, as well as assisting with surgeries.

“I enjoy working for Anderson Mill because of the animals and the team I work with. Plus, it is a great learning experience,” says Kinsey.

She has been employed in the animal related field for over 6 years, working as a kennel technician for a pet resort. At home, Kinsey enjoys spending her free time by watching Houston sports, fishing, swimming, and camping.

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Austin TX Veterinary TechniciansGiovanni Flores - Veterinary Technician

Giovanni Flores has been our full time veterinary technician since May of 2015. Here at Anderson Mill Animal Clinic, Giovanni is in charge of the Idexx machines, bloodwork, x-rays, obtaining samples, and more. He’s been working in the animal care field for over 5 years and feels like family when working together with the staff.

During his down time, Giovanni enjoys hiking, swimming, skating, playing video games, and spending time with his pets. He has a pitbull named Frankie, a great pyrenees named Emma, and a calico cat named Klementine.

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Austin TX Veterinary TechniciansMaria Romero - Veterinary Technician

Maria Romero is our full time veterinary technician that has been working in the animal care field for over 6 years and has been working here with us at Anderson Mill Animal Clinic since October of 2016. Her educational background includes an Associate’s of Science Degree in Veterinary Technology. Maria works with the veterinarians in providing top care for our patients.

“The staff members are amazing and help create a great environment to work in,” Maria believes. “I enjoy assisting our clients through every situation, the good and the stressful situations. Working with a great team of veterinarians, technicians, and assistants providing our clients and their babies with the best care possible” is the part of her job that she enjoys best.

Maria has four pets – an 8-year-old German Shepard named Kashmir and three cats named Captain (1-year-old), Morticia (2-years-old), and Gomez (2-years-old). In her free time, she enjoys cycling, fishing, camping, recreational sports like football and baseball, and spending time with family and friends.

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Austin TX Veterinary TechniciansCraig Smith - Veterinary Technician

Veterinary Technician, Craig Smith, joined the AMAC team in March of 2017. Craig obtains patient histories, runs lab samples, and performs hospitalization care and surgery prep. Dental cleanings are his favorite responsibility. His skilled “speedy” and efficient dental cleanings allow for a lesser amount of time for patients to be under anesthesia.

Craig has 16 years of animal care experience prior to joining the practice. He appreciates working in a state of the art facility with the latest technology and a caring staff. In his free time, Craig likes to build things from scrap wood, work in his garden, go fishing, and spend time with his animals. He has two dogs (Kora and Lupin) and two cats (Saphira and Glaedr).

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Austin TX Veterinary TechniciansShane Smith - Veterinary Technician

Interacting with animals, learning new things, and conversing with all the people here at Anderson Mill Animal Hospital is what Shane likes best about his job as a veterinary technician. Since joining our team in April of 2017, Shane has been working full-time to ensure the highest level of companion care and facility upkeep, and is also responsible for informing clients and helping them with their endeavors. Shane brings with him a keen observational awareness that allows him to find a gentle approach in handling patients and communicating to our patrons.

Shane possesses multiple IDEXX Laboratory CE certificates, along with a Dental Seminar Certificate for veterinary dentistry. He has been working in the animal related field for over 7 years, and prior to coming to Anderson Mill he was a lead veterinary technician at a cat hospital. There, he was also considered the main dental specialist. In addition, Shane worked for a doggie daycare / spa as a team leader.

“The staff here is amazing from the front to the back as everyone is easy to get along with and has a genuine passion to help animals,” Shane declares. “All the doctors are great and I love that we keep up with modern supplies and equipment to get the job done quickly with less stress to our patients. Glad to be here!”

At home, Shane likes to spend his free time gaming it up, but also enjoys doing things outdoors like hiking, running on trails, and biking. Like many of us, he enjoys spending time hanging with his friends and visiting with family. Shane is also content to sit and watch a good flick, paired with some great food and spirits. He shares his home with a Bengal/tabby mix named Cayenne.

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