Kennel Technicians

Austin Texas VeterinarianGinger Capron - Kennel Supervisor

Ginger Capron has been our full-time kennel supervisor since July of 2012. With her 9 years of experience in the animal related field, Ginger gives our clients the top treatment when walking, feeding, and taking care of your pets. One of her favorite parts is spending time with our boarders.

“The staff here is amazing,” Ginger says. “I Feel like I’m part of a family. I like that I get to know our clients well and enjoy seeing their happy, furry kids.”

At home, Ginger spends time with her 7 dachshunds! Their names are Skeeter, Nitro, Pixi, Dartaynan, Kandy, Leeloo, and Cupcake. She enjoys taking them all hiking; some of her other hobbies include fishing, taking pictures, drawing and painting.

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Austin Texas VeterinarianShelby Silva - Kennel Technician

Shelby Silva has been working with Anderson Mill Animal Clinic since August of 2016. She’s our kennel shift leader and takes care of boarders, grooming, and assists our veterinary technicians. Shelby loves creating a safe and fun environment for the animals while helping our techs in treatment. She has previous experience with animals as a dog trainer and has volunteered at animal shelters since 2009.

When she’s not with us, Shelby spends time with her Schnauzer Luna, who’s 4-years-old. They love to go hiking together and spend as much time as possible together. Shelby also donates to the ASPCA and volunteers at the Wilco Animal Shelter in her free time. She also enjoys painting and cooking in her free time.

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Austin Texas VeterinarianJaymee Nuzum - Kennel Technician

Jayme is a full time Kennel Technician. She joined the AMAC team in September of 2016 after obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from the University of Texas at Austin. Jayme contributes to the cleanliness of the clinic, cares for boarded animals, and assists our veterinary technicians. She enjoys the friendly atmosphere and how dedicated and passionate our staff is about animals.

Jayme spends her free time painting, reading, and playing video games. At home, she cares for her two-year-old gray tabby cats named Buddy and Zoey.

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Austin Texas VeterinarianDanica Finger - Kennel Technician

Danica Finger is our part-time kennel technician who’s been working with us since March of 2017. Some of her responsibilities include walking, feeding, and medicating our boarders, as well as helping the veterinary technicians. Her genuine love of dogs and work ethic allows her to give top assistance to our vet techs and doctors with appointments and x-rays.

“Everyone at this clinic is so close knit and willing to help each other out,” Danica says. “We all adhere to high standards of care.”

While working towards a degree in the veterinary field, Danica also spends her time with her Yorkie/Maltese mix named Bear, who’s only 7 months old. When she’s not with us, she spends her free time gardening, camping, cooking, studying languages, and exploring state parks with her kids.

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