Kennel Technicians

Kinsey Taylor Dies - Kennel Technician

Kinsey Taylor Dies joined Anderson Mill Animal Clinic in December 2014. As one of our kennel technicians, her responsibilities include walking and feeding our boarded guests, grooming patients and cleaning the kennels. She is enrolled in a veterinary assistant certification program at Austin Community College.

"I enjoy working with the animals and appreciate the chance I'm given to learn from the veterinarians and technicians," she says.

Kinsey has a pit bull/black mouth cur mix named Gypsy and a calico named Marley. She enjoys spending her free time playing with her pets and dancing.

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Kayly Adams - Kennel Technician

Though her position as Kennel Technician at Anderson Mill Animal Clinic is her first official job in the animal-related field, Kayly Adams has spent considerable time developing a passion for helping animals. "I've spent lots of time on a farm, dealing with all kinds of animals and pets," she explains. Kayly's also enrolled in the Veterinary Technician program at Austin Community College.

Since joining the team at Anderson in February 2014, she's brought genuine compassion and effort to the hospital. "I genuinely care about each animal we see here, and I give them all the kind of attention they'd get if they were my own pets," Kayly says.

At home she has two pets of her own: a cat named Sweets and a Great Pyrenees named Emma. In her free time Kayly takes her dog for hikes, and enjoys reading, painting, swimming, and tending to her vegetable garden.

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Megan Renew - Kennel Technician

Kennel technician Megan Renew joined Anderson Mill Animal Clinic in September 2014. Her daily responsibilities include caring for our boarded guests, managing the cleaning supply inventory and cleaning the kennels. Megan is a compassionate animal rights activist and knowledgeable about dog breeds, and she plans to study veterinary technology at Austin Community College.

Outside work, Megan enjoys sketching, photography, scrapbooking, hiking, biking, reading, video games, swimming and baking.

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